Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Unite's ulterior motive

Someone said something interesting to me yesterday about the BA dispute. We were talking about why the Unite union is persisting with strike action and he highlighted a possible motive that MIGHT have some merit.
Probably the best chance for future union longevity is re-nationalisation. If this strike brings BA to its knees there is a compelling argument that says the government would have to step in rather like they did with the banks except more so.
An interesting concept.
He also told me how sour relationships between striking and non striking crews has become. For example it has been said that some strikers have been running their keys along the side of non strikers cars in the staff car parks. how nice and democratic that is.
Meanwhile the BA tough stance continues. Again there is a view that if BA gave strikers back their travel perks the whole thing would be over. BA is saying that they made it absolutely clear from the outset that if people went on strike this perk would be gone for good and they cannot or will not go back on it. Meanwhile BA has taken the opportunity to sack one particular union rep that has been causing huge discord for years and this too illustrates their stance.

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