Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Thanks for looking in

It has been a few months since I decided to do this blog. I just wanted to continue having the opportunity to speak about the industry I love as well as put together some of my strange (but mainly true) stories of my life in travel.
I have a monitoring package of sorts which tells me how many people view and what areas of the world they come from and I am both delighted and amazed by the interest.
I have not tried to broaden readership as I do not really have a clue how to but it would be great if I could cover more people and places with my ramblings so can you help me? If you want to can you tell some of you friends and colleagues the blog address? Every so often I will let you know how we get on and what new and obscure places look in!
Needless to say viewers have complete individual anonymity and all I get is what area and how many. That blog address again is http://wwwbusinesstravel.blogspot.com
Also please take the opportunity to get in touch if you want to ask my view (or add yours) on anything either by the ‘comment’ icon on one of the blog articles or by sending me an email.
Thanks again!

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