Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Death Wish 6 – Up in the air (not)

So the BA cabin crew unions have decided to call two strikes of three days and four days each.

This would make good background for a blockbusting film of what life was like when unions controlled industry and businesses were driven to ruin.

With this in mind I have written to Michael Winner and suggested he stops appearing in all those silly television advertisements and returns to films in order to direct “Death Wish 6”a tale of intransigence, greed and revenge. I think Charles Bronson is now too old for the lead role so I suggested the blind union leader could be Len McCluskey (playing himself).

The storyline is no longer fully played out yet by I predict that a mighty plague is likely to play its part. This will be when a huge number of supposed ‘strikers’ will phone in sick in order to try and keep off the ‘punishment’ list BA will be compiling. Every time there has been a strike in the past the BA ‘sick’ list multiplies alarmingly. I expect that is why the union has changed plans from one long strike to two short ones as it is easier to throw a ‘sickie’ for a few days.

I am still waiting for Michael Winner to get back to me. Equally BA has still not responded to my application for cabin crew. Do you think they are both trying to tell me something?

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