Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Into the Unknown

What do I know about blogging? Pass me a postage stamp someone and I will write it all down on the back of it and have room to spare.

Business Travel? Well that is a different matter.
At least I hope so as I have been devoted to that particular industry in one shape or form for over forty years. During that time I have worked for airlines and agencies starting in the filing unit and ending up as Managing Director for HRG UK, the country's biggest travel management company.

So did I learn anything during that time and is it still worth passing on? Do I have any stories that are funny, absurd or maybe even educational. Am I a bitter and twisted old git?! Well dear reader (if you are out there) you will shortly find out as my objectives for setting up this site are:

To comment on issues of the day.
To speak out in a way that was constrained in the past when I had shareholders to consider.
To tell some travel life stories that are in part informative, hopefully amusing and almost entirely true.
To try and answer any reasonable questions where I think I can inform and add value.

So lets see how I get on. I am my worst critic so if I fail I will disapear as quickly back into the ether as I emerged out of it.

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